About Us

Free and easy travelling never was really that easy for us. Too much researching and planning and by the time you got to where the places of attractions are, the planning just does not stop. Organising travelling routes, checking operating hours blah blah blah and all these tasks soon almost drives you into a travel agency to sign up a travel package.


Don’t exchange the freedom of free and easy travelling with that of a travel package. You know waking up at 7am to move with the herd each day during travel is not what you want in a trip. Just all that hardwork before trip is clouding out what you want. Don’t take that impulse dive yet.


Free and easy traveling but not the hardwork of planning the trip. This few words sums up what Lotrippo is offering for you. We are just as fed up with the planning as how you feel. We are just as annoyed by all the trip advises on places of attractions from the internet yet no way can we link up the dots between these places. We just want the best of both worlds – No work but all play. That’s how we decided to start up Lotrippo.


The name Lotrippo, was inspired by the simple 3 wordings of “Local Trip Professional”. We seek out the best places of attractions offered in each country and based on your preferences, we link up the dots for you. Bye bye to all the work of planning and hello to enjoying  the trip.