What is Lotrippo

It is a website that generates trip itinerary based on 3 simple selections from you - trip location, dates of trip and theme of the trip. Lotrippo will then build up your itinerary to suggest to you where to go and how to travel between the places suggested.

How do I use it?

Click on 'Just try it' or 'Plan it now It's free!' in the homepage. This will lead you to the selection of location. Thereafter, you will need to select the dates and themes. With that, Presto! Your itinerary will be out in a jiffy.

Why can't I select more than 7 days itinerary?

Lotrippo can't accommodate itinerary more than 7 days at the moment due to the massive algorithms required. We are looking at improvising this function at a later stage.

Why do I need to sign up an account to generate the itinerary?

We will like to know you better so as to know how best to meet your travel needs in future. Rest assured, no information is gathered for commercial exploitations. You may refer to our privacy policy for more information.